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20 May Are you looking to lease or purchase office/ retail space?

Whether you start a community library, become the neighbourhood’s fruit and vegetable supply, or be quoted as one of the neighbourhood’s favourites where food and caffeine is concerned there is no better time to get a space within this space and be part of a growing and wholesome community at Ken Rimba. While the neighbourhood still has a space for you....

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06 May Sustainable Homes for the Urban Life

It is possible to live responsibly. Especially when it is built into your home. Tucked comfortably within a lush landscape is this picture-perfect suburbia where green living is within reach. Take a walk to the local grocer along the alleyways and liner gardens and be greeted cheerfully by your neighbour cycling along in the community bicycles with his cheeky grandson. You find that your carbon footsteps have reduced, and yet it seemed like an effortless feat. Eco-friendly living has never been more convenient within this community. ...

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09 Apr Green Sustainable Living @ Jimbaran Residences

There is no need to bend over backwards to live out an ideal. Especially when it is built into your home. An affordable one, at that. As you clean your car in the porch with water from the rainwater harvesting tank you feel at ease. You make sure your plants are well-watered before setting down the hose to tend to your garden. Your neighbours walk by as they head out to the neighbourhood coffee-shop stopping for a cordial chat, something about the children....

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16 Jun Exclusive Pool Villas from RM800k

KEN has once again broken away from the norm by making pool villas affordable and a reality in a highrise setting. Most pool villas, in a conventional sense, are double-storey bungalows decked with swimming pools, spread over lush vistas. ...

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19 Mar KEN Rimba Condominium 1 show unit open for viewing!

Finding an affordable luxury condominium in the Klang Valley these days is like digging for a needle in a haystack. Priced from only RM399,000 for a generous 3-bedroom 1,119 sq ft unit, this green home is a real steal. It is no surprise then that there was an overwhelming response when the show unit for KEN Rimba Condominium 1 was opened for viewing....

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