KEN Green Tips – Stop Plastic Pollution!

04 Aug KEN Green Tips – Stop Plastic Pollution!


Here at KEN Holdings, we embrace sustainable practice – “Mottainai”. We value the precious resources that we have and use them wisely, efficiently and effectively. But sometimes, there are certain things that go beyond our grasp – such as plastic pollution.

Today, we urge you to put more thought into this rising problem. Did you know that massive gyres made up of plastic goop been found in all our oceans? Such as the infamous North Pacific Gyre (also known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch) that covers an area twice the size of Texas. Plus, these endocrine-disrupting plastic chemicals like BPA could also be contributing to cancer, birth defects, and behaviour problems.

With all these plastic wreaking havoc on the environment as well as our health, here are some tips on fighting back against plastic pollution:
• Reduce before recycling. Recycling plastic isn’t a sustainable solution It’s always better to reduce first, reuse whenever possible, and then only recycle.
• Bring your own everything. From utensils to shopping bags, kick the single-use habit by purchasing longer-lasting products meant to be reused.
• Pressure manufacturers. Voice out if you believe a company could be smarter about its packaging. Drop them a message, send a tweet, or even support a more sustainable competitor.
• Change the Culture. Use ceramic cups for your coffees, decline excess packaging at stores, and share news about successful campaigns to fight plastic. Together, we can change the culture around the waste.