Carnival of The Animals

carnival of animals-01


Petaling Jaya Philharmonic Orchestra (PJPO) is a community orchestra made up of talented and dedicated musicians, serving as a platform for local artist to perform and gain experience.

For this concert titled “Carnival of the Animals”, we invite our own PJPO young talents to showcase their skills as a soloist, performing various works that include Haydn, Saint-Saens and Max Bruch.

(a) Carnival of the Animals – Camille Saint-Saëns

Performed by our twin brothers on 2 pianos, a flutist, clarinetist and the orchestra, we take you on a tour to the zoo where the sound and feel of the animals are imitated here.

(b) Piano Concerto No. 11 in D Major – Joseph Haydn

The main artist for this piece is a twelve-year-old boy, performing this challenging concerto while portraying the composer’s humorous character.

(c) Kol Nidrei – Max Bruch

A serious concert piece for cello and orchestra. The soloist is a teenage girl expressing the down time and the console moments of life.

(d) Symphony No. 45 (Farewell) – Joseph Haydn

The humour of the composer is fully revealed here, where, at the last section of the music, the musicians leave the stage, leaving only 2 violinists to complete the music. The purpose was to send a message to the duke, that they were overworked and wish to go home to their families.

Conductor: Mr. Kok Keng Onn
Pianist: Tee Wei Kang, Tee Wei Jian, Kong Jing Teng
Cellist: Sarah Wong Yue En