TEDxBangsar2019 : Flow



When you hear TEDx, the first things that come into mind are the red dot, the chime caused by a tinkle onto the screen then ripples into the word TED. When we think about TEDx, we picture a researcher with 10 years of experience in social studies telling us the scientifically-proven way to achieve pure happiness. But that is not how we visualize ourselves at TEDxBangsar.

At TEDxBangsar, you are more than just a force that drives change but the change itself. You’re not a participant of an event but a taleteller of your own stories. You’re not here to consume ideas but to create your own inspirations.

Through TEDxBangsar’s inaurgural event, we strive to create a new dynamic community in KL which narrows the invisible gap bounded by the differences in our background and upbringings. We will set the stage for movers and shakers to speak ,without ego, and to catalyze connections between locals, transplants, and pit-stoppers alike, without presumption.

On stage, speakers will adopt a concise 18-minute presentation focusing on an idea reflective of their personal life as well as the journey in their career. Off stage, however, the magic will also be happening. . As a TEDxster, our wish is for you to leave transformed and connected. Whether you are relentlessly taking notes, wiping away tears, or ready with a question; you and the people sitting beside you is where the real connection happens.

[ TEDxBangsar 2019 : f l o w ]

Flow, is the gentle motion at the wrist of a painter waving through brush strokes before the painting is hung in a gallery.
Flow, is the tension between the author’s fingers and their keyboard before a timeless piece is published
Flow, is the twirl and swirl across the basketball court trying to get the ball into the net before it shows up at the scoreboard.
Flow, is the blood pulsing through a creative’s veins before the launch of the next big project.

To flow, a necessary sacrifice before any achievement, is often all but forgotten as we cling to our victories. Every success story has its tenacious flow and this year, we want to honor their flow.

Ranging from public figures and business leaders to creators and innovators, we carefully select our speakers to ensure authentic and the most thought-provoking stories are shared. Our diverse lineup of speakers all have narratives s of obstacles before arriving at an idea they’re now ready to share with the world.