Yoshimoto Shinkigeki Live Performance Kuala Lumpur





Kawabata is a staff and Suchiiko is a part time worker at a long established Takoyaki place. The sales are dropping these days since the new fashionable Takoyaki store opened right across the street.

Kawabata thinks the owner (which his father as well) is an old Takoyaki style and should make changes to it. One day, his girlfriend came to his place, and even she ended up getting together with the manager of the new Takoyaki store. Well, it just came to their knowledge that the new store may have been mixing love potion in their flour and Suchiiko is checking if it’s true or not.

One day, the police came to their store to investigate the increased number of cases abusing love potion. Then the police found the flour Suchiiko stole from the new store across the street and the owner got arrested. Kawabata and Suchiiko found out from the reporter chasing the case that the love potion and the manufacturing process is held in the house of the new Takoyaki store owner.

Kawabata and Suchiiko are heading to this house together to prove his father’s innocence. Can Kawabata and Suchiiko find the evidence and prove the owner had nothing to do with all this!?