KEN Holdings Berhad – Malaysia’s 1st Green Developer | The Art of Building
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17 Mar The Art of Building

Winston Churchill once said, “we shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.” So there is more to building that the mere laying of brick upon brick. There is a lot of thought that goes into the erection of our homes, office spaces, skyscrapers, public spaces, our neighbourhood, our towns, our cities. The buildings we live in, and work in affect our lifestyles.

Buildings not only change the eco-system of the community they are in (they are in many ways building block of our cities) so besides their function, their form is an important element. Form and function go hand-in-hand and smart functional buildings improve lifestyles. Highly-functional buildings are smart and Menara KEN@TTDI has smart in its DNA. From its double-glazed-low-E facade, its orientation, shading, heat insulation, and energy-efficient cooling systems to the photovoltaic panels that has been installed to offset energy costs and rainwater harvesting tanks and irrigation systems in place to ensure efficient water usage. Those are only some functions this smart building boasts.

But how do we build healthy spaces that would enhance wellbeing. More than smart, we envisioned a wholesome building. One with a soul. A building that would make people happy. Studies have shown that creativity and a sense of community is essential to happiness. Public spaces that enhance creativity and community interaction, are essential elements. So from the rooftop garden to the art gallery we have thought it through: simply for your pleasure.

0316 EDM - KEN TTDI-01