KEN Holdings began in the 1980s as a specialist contractor providing engineering services and have since grown to be the reputable property development company it stands as today. The KEN narrative tells of KEN’s dedication to detail and quality as it continues to make its mark steadily as leaders in green building design.




At KEN we recognise our responsibilities goes beyond our business and we take our responsibilities seriously.

It is our mission to remain committed to our stakeholders’ interests by ensuring we manage resources sustainably and apply sound corporate governance. We remain committed to enhancing value by delivering quality developments that are efficiently planned and thoroughly executed and maintain commitment to our communities to ensure we embrace sustainable practices to preserve the environment and we strive to contribute to by building a conducive work environment with generous growth opportunities.


We strive to adhere to the following core values to ensure we continue to contribute to our communities.

At KEN we are hands-on and committed seeking to fulfil our responsibilities as a developer in the communities we have built. We take pride in our work and understand the promises we make as we carefully, mindfully and thoughtfully seek to stay true to what we stand for. We strive to remain aware of our effect on the environment and in the spirit of Mottainai embrace sustainable practices to prudently and wisely use our resources. We remain innovative continuously striving to create value in all that we deliver. At KEN we recognise that goals are achieved together as a whole, in cooperation and respect. We recognise that each individual is a valued member of the KEN family and strive to reach our goals as a team in the spirit of unity.