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“We feel it is very important for people to receive a good education. Instead of merely offering financial assistance we also want to meet and guide them, share our stories to inspire and motivate them.”

Dato Kenny Tan

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Consistent with its core values, KEN through the KEN Foundation seeks to encourage and support the growth and development of the nation’s youth by providing financial assistance to students for further education. Focused on assisting needy and able students, the foundation awards scholarships to students who have secured a place in a local tertiary institution but are unable to afford its cost. Generous donors contribute to the KEN Foundation which funds a scholarship that covers the tuition fees, food and lodging of each recipient who are also granted an internship opportunity at KEN. The foundation hopes to offer assistance to as many applicants as they can yearly.


In 2019, Talented Malaysia, an inaugural inter-school performing arts competition endorsed by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia, was launched. The objective of the competition is to provide Malaysian kids aged 7-12 with a nurturing platform to unleash and develop their talents in the areas of performing arts, particularly in singing and dancing. The competition challenges these pupils in singing and dancing, which will test their endurance and teamwork spirit as well as develop their characters and discover hidden talents. Through Talented Malaysia, we believe that this competition does not only provide just an opportunity for young performers to hone their creative talents, but also helps to promote a sense of achievement and responsibility, which contributes to their personal development.


“I very grateful and happy for the scholarship because my parents wouldn’t have been able to support my studies. I am the fourth child in a family of eight siblings and my father is only a government staff,” said Mohd Tarmizi Bidin who was awarded the KEN scholarship in 2009 to pursue his Bachelor of Accounting at the University Putra Malaysia, “I am also grateful for the opportunity because I have learnt so much working at KEN.”


“Since young, my mom had taught me bravery in life. We must hold the faith that God has a plan in one’s life. Being brought up in a less fortunate family, I knew that only through complete education I could stand out in life. Hereby, I am truly blessed that KEN Foundation was offered just in time to lend me a hand in completing my tertiary education. Upon graduation, I was secured with a job in KEN; giving me the opportunities to gain solid hands-on experiences to kick start my working life. I believe that KEN Foundation will continue helping other least fortunate yet ambitious students in realizing their dreams in life.


“I really needed this scholarship because the cost of this course was really high and I did not want to burden my parents. I am extremely grateful to KEN for awarding the scholarship to me,” said Nurasyikin bt Zainuddin who was awarded the scholarship in 2010 to pursue her BsC in Architecture at the International Islamic University Malaysia.

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