Green is the new black

By Angie Tan

Malaysia Property Award 2014
Sustainable Development Category
Ken Holdings Berhad

Green spaces fill every piece of empty land

Green is the keyword for Ken Rimba Legian Residences. The development consists of 328 units of double storey terrace homes spread on 20 acres of land located within a guarded and gated community.

Green perimeter fencing surrounds the development and matured gardens are found throughout the site with trees lining even the side and back lanes.

In Malaysia, Ken Holdings is the pioneer in green developments and the company continues to be innovator and creator of value for people, says Sam Tan, the group managing director of Ken Holdings Bhd.

He adds that by taking a simple terrace home and infusing it with green designs has made the home even more comfortable for the residents

The units in Legian Residences come equipped with rainwater harvesting tanks and breathable roof systems. All units are also positioned along a north-south orientation to ensure plenty of natural lighting. Even more design elements to help promote natural lighting and ventilation includes high windows, transparent skylight and Australian louvred windows.

There are even community bicycles for residents to get around the development and a covered walkway to the KTM station.

“All these elements add a lot of value, so when buyers purchase the homes, they are actually getting a higher value product and because of that, we have been given a lot of credit. We went the extra mile for our buyers.”

“What is very important for us that we want to tell people that green homes can be affordable and that is just what we did with Legian Residences. This is not a million ringgit home but for all the fancy bells and whistle in there, we sold it for RM380,00, which was very affordable back then. Today it can go for RM650,000, so the price has really appreciated. This goes to show that the work we have done has been in the best interest of buyers.”

“This is the second time what we have won this award. FIABCI introduced the Sustainable Development award in 2011 and the first project to win it was Ken Bangsar. We are very happy to know that our efforts are being recognised again.”

“For us, we have always been pioneering the green way of builfing and we are very commited to that. We are pushing for higher green standards and that will help the industry to elevate itself to another level as well.”

One of the company’s core values is mottainai. Tan explains that the company is all about embracing sustainable practives and the literal translation of the Japanese word mottainai basically means, “too precious to waster”.

Tan says the company believes that everything  has value, so every resource is used wisely and efficiently. This he says not only helps to reduce unnecessary cost but essentially, by creating a green environment for all, it helps instil respect for the environment. “We are responsible for the way people will live. We like to think that we have helped improve their lives. At Ken Holdings, we don’t take a development as pure commodity. We take pride in our work.”