Universal Music Malaysia proudly presents <Remember Wen Suen Live in KL 這世界終會記得我的名字> is happening on 8th June 2019, 8pm at The platform, Menara KEN TTDI.

Lim Wen Suen, from Tawau Sabah, has released her first mini album <The World Will Remember My Name> on the 19th October last year.Since young she has gain exposure and experience by participating in many singing competitions, and has received uncountable awards.

A little more in depth background of Wen Suen, she went to Beijing to further her studies for about 5 years and in 2017 she earned her the title as The Winner of “The Voice 決戰好聲” and since then she has been signed under Universal Music Malaysia. Over the past few years back in her hometown, Wen Suen also hosted a charity concert and in hope that she could full fill’s her wish to host one in KL. With the all the support that she gathers, its finally happening!

This year she manage to have her very own concert in town. Through this showcase, she hope to inspire her audience on her passion towards music, in hope for them to know Wen Suen better. Wen Suen put in a lot of effort to make this show happen, and her hard work has finally pay off, from attending every meeting to all the planning details she has been really hands on during the pre planning of the showcase.


Wen Suen welcomes her audience to enter this massive part of her world through her music, and you can already imagine with such intimacy that she crave, she only hope her to give her audience a memorable yet enjoyable time.

Is a whole different perception on how she will be delivering her performances across to you, so you just have to experience it yourself. A chance you wouldn’t want to missed out.

To those who’re interested in purchasing tickets do access to, price rate start from standard ticket RM80, premium ticket RM120. For more information do log on to Universal Music Malaysia Regional Facebook Page ( / Instagram ( or dial the hotline 03-79587433 EXT.512

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