Aureo China will be hosting the inaugural grand exhibition of Chinese prominent artists collections. This includes both paintings and calligraphy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 30 prominent artists have been selected from OVER 10,000 top-line artists from China, and nearly 40 prestigious & high quality paintings will be presented in this exhibition. Top artists including Zhang Jieyu, whose painting was hung at the building of the Great Hall of People’s Republic of China; Mr. Li Xuegong, Vice President of the Overseas Chinese Painting Academy of the Ministry of Culture, Mr. Qing Jianzhong, member of the Professional Committee of the Chinese Calligrapher Association, and Mr. Zhou Zhihui, the first person of the Sea painting; Mr Zhou Fengjun, the 50 most influential Chinese art and calligraphy master.

One of the missions for Aureo China is to actively promote Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy overseas, so that foreign Chinese will have the opportunities to embrace the beauty of Chinese traditional culture. The exquisite artworks on display highlight the strength of current art industry in China. It also reflects the wisdom and essence of Chinese culture of 5000 years.

Beijing SSJD Art Centre, the organizer of this event, was founded in Beijing in 1998. For the past 20 years, SSJD Centre focuses on art promotion and talent excavation. As of June 2019, all the exhibitions and auctions organized by SSJD has brought together 38,100 excellent calligraphers and painters from 12 countries and the whole China, with 98,600 artworks. This also includes artwork presented by the consultants, chairmen, vice-chairmen, directors of Art Association of Calligraphy and Painting, eight major academies of Fine Arts Associations, as well as thirty Provincial Art Associations, with a total sales turnover of 935 million (yuan). SSJD is committed to lead the development of China’s traditional art, and is strongly supported by the local government and society.

Entry is free. However, registration in advance is required. Please send the following information in advance.

Admission Time:

a) 10.00 am

b) 2.00 pm

c) 4.00 pm

Lunch Break (12.00pm – 2.00pm)