Splendours of the Malay World Textiles

Splendours of Malay World Textiles is an unprecedented exhibition aiming at exhibiting the entire genre of textiles from the Malay World.

It will display 650 textiles divided into 12 major categories of textile techniques. These includes some of the best examples of: Songket (brocade), Limar (weft ikat), Telepuk (gold leaf applique), Tekatan (embroidery), Pelangi (tie-dye), Ikat Loseng ( warp ikat ), Tenunan (plain weave of stripes and checks), Linangkit (tapestry), Cetakan (prints), Batik (wax resist), Renda (lace) and Anyaman (woven unspun plant fibre). Textiles of other countries that are related to these textiles will also be on display for direct comparisons.

This exhibition offers the people of Malaysia and the rest of the world a very rare opportunity to see some of the top examples of Malay textiles. It not only shows the major techniques of Malay textiles but also a wide variety of variations within each technique. The rare content and high quality of the exhibition are aimed at inspiring and harnessing the interest of the general public, textile enthusiasts, fashion designers, interior designers, and textile producers.

Talking, lecturing through slides, and seeing these textiles in photographs in books is entirely different from viewing the actual pieces which will have a strong impact, especially when the public is offered the opportunity of seeing the whole genre of Malay textiles in one single exhibit. The visual effect of the size, quality, breadth of scope, and endless variety of styles will definitely stimulate and prompt people to promote, restore, and conserve this precious heritage.