Art Rocks Us Exhibition

An innovative collaboration between educational non-profit organisations Fugee, Angsanacare and profit-making agency Brand Me Happy and Tea Bird Tea, ART ROCKS US is running from 5 January to 2 February 2023 at KEN Gallery, Menara KEN TTDI.

The immersive art experience features scintillating artworks by career artists, product designers and talented Fugee School students. Inspiring art from Fugee School students and refugee artists as they tap into their artistic potential. Thought-provoking exhibits by Sharon Abdullah and Ashleigh Cotterill of Brand Me Happy and Angsanacare.

Fugee Dream School campaign and new website launch. Fugee is introducing its new Giving Catalogue and fundraising to build the Fugee Dream School. Art-based commercial product ranges by Tea Bird Tea, Fugee School and Fugeelah.