The Patchwork Collective

Blubricks is a drama school, where the subjects offered, such as Speech & Drama and Public Speaking, would require the students to have first-hand experience to speak to a wider, public audience every year.

And every year, the students from Speech & Drama and Public Speaking will put on an annual showcase, followed by a theme. For this year, the theme is Justice.

From light fun shows to serious discussions, you’re in for a raw experience, stemming from the learner’s dramatic process, using their creative ingenuity to put together a show for all members of the audience.

Together with three (3) centres, Blubricks Bandar Utama, Blubricks Bukit Jalil and Blubricks Cheras, there will be a total of five (5) shows.

Date: 23rd July 2023, Sunday

Show 1 : 10:00am

Show 2 : 2:00pm

Show 3 : 6:00pm


Date : 30th July 2023, Sunday

Show 4 : 12:00pm

Show 5 : 4:00pm


Venue: The Platform at Menara KEN TTDI