KEN Holdings Berhad – Malaysia’s 1st Green Developer | KEN IN THE NEWS
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13 Aug Konstruksi Serba Trendy

Reka bentuk bangunan dibina secara khas dengan idea rekaan ruangan pejabat juga galeri yang berbagai saiz membuatkan Menara KEN TTDI menjadi kawasan pilihan utama penduduk tempatan....

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19 Jul Kenny’s Labour Of Love

Newly-opened KEN Gallery at Menara KEN TTDI boasts 20,000 sq ft of art space that houses Ken Holdings Bhd chairman’s private art collection and will also feature exhibitions of local and foreign artists....

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17 Jun Growing Towards Greener Living

Going green is a term that is familiar to many, and has been gaining considerable traction over the years. Protests and campaigns on keeping in the earth green are aplenty all over the globe in a bid to rescue it from its current state. Talk of reducing one’s carbon footprint as well as using state. Talk of reducing one’s carbon footprint as well as using “greener alternatives” to go about a daily routine is nothing new as leaving the next generation a cleaner, safer world is a growing concern. Besides...

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